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Understand Pervert Behavior in Children

Not a few parents are aware of changes in behavior in children when they are at a certain age range, or when growing up. Children become more likely to argue with parents or even lie. If the cause is not immediately identified, deviant behavior in children can lead to juvenile delinquency or crime in adulthood. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary, deviant behavior is the response, actions, or behavior of a person to the environment that is contrary to the laws and norms that exist in society. Deviant behavior is also known as social deviation and the culprit is called deviant. Examples of deviant behavior in children include lying, cheating, and stealing. A study found that deviant behavior develops since the child is very young, and is closely related to the closeness of children with parents. The magnitude of this comparison is greater than the deviant behavior that develops in adulthood. In addition to age and parental factors, there are also other factors that cause chil
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Recognize Symptoms of Kidney Pain in Women and Their Causes

Actually there is no difference in symptoms of kidney disease in women and men. Although women more often experience disorders of the kidneys than men, but men are said to be more likely to undergo dialysis due to the disorder. Kidney disease is a serious condition that needs to be treated properly so it does not become end-stage renal failure if not treated early Kidney is a pair of organs that are about the size of an adult's fist and is located at the bottom of the rib cage in the back cavity of the body. Kidney has an important role for the human body, especially for filtering the disposal of waste substances and poisons from the blood. The kidneys also function to maintain the balance of acid-base (pH) in the blood, maintain blood pressure, process vitamin D, produce the hormone erythropoietin which plays an important role in the production of red blood cells, maintain the levels of ions and electrolytes of the body, and expel excessive water in the body. The remaining subs

Recognize the Characteristics of Autistic Children Early

The characteristics of children with autism can generally be seen in patterns of behavior, activities, and interactions that tend to be limited and repetitive. In addition, the characteristics of autistic children also appear in their behavior like to flip over, touch, and smell certain objects or objects with excessive. Autism is a disorder that occurs in the brain, which causes several different areas of the brain to be unable to cooperate. So autism sufferers find it difficult to communicate and have social relations with others. The cause of autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) consists of many factors, but generally due to genetic and environmental factors. There is no evidence that autism can be caused by a vaccine given as a baby. Autism generally begins in childhood and lasts until adolescence and adulthood. Broadly speaking, the characteristics of autistic children who can be seen include: Communication difficulties Children with autism tend to have difficulty comm

Small Brain Function Is Not As Small As Its Size

Even though it's called the cerebellum, don't underestimate it. The function of the cerebellum (cerebellum) is very important in controlling body movements, balance and coordination of muscles. Various activities that seem simple, such as walking from one place to another, standing tall, or maintaining balance so that it does not fall, can only be accomplished thanks to the function of the cerebellum. The slightest disturbance in the function of the cerebellum can interfere with these activities. Center for Balance, Movement and Coordination The cerebellum is only about 1/8 of the cerebrum or 10 percent of the total brain weight. Although minimal in size, the function of the cerebellum plays an important role in coordinating spontaneous movements. For example, moving limbs, moving both eyes and practicing speaking skills. Imagine when your fingers pressed the piano keys harmoniously or hit the shuttlecock with a badminton racket. At this time the function of the cerebell

Mother, Know the Benefits of Rotavirus Vaccine for Your Little One Here

Rotavirus vaccine is an important vaccine to protect the health of your child. This vaccine is useful to protect your baby from various diseases caused by rotavirus, one of which is severe dehydration due to acute diarrhea that can cause death. Rotavirus vaccine is an appropriate step to protect infants and children from gastroenteritis (inflammation of the stomach and intestine). Symptoms include acute diarrhea, vomiting, fever, difficult or unwilling children to eat and drink, and stomach pain. The rotavirus virus generally attacks infants and children and can cause severe dehydration, and can even lead to death if not treated promptly. The good news, you can protect Little One with a safe and effective rotavirus vaccine. Rotavirus is very contagious and easily spreads through physical contact from person to person. Rotavirus is found in the feces of an infected person and can last a long time on the surface of contaminated objects, including one's hands. The spread of rotavi